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Charlotte Moss Fabric Collection

Charlotte Moss' philosophy to "live passionately, decorate luxuriously and entertain beautifully," is fully expressed in her first collection for Fabricut.

Collaborating with the designers at Fabricut, direction and inspiration for the collection was found within Charlotte's immense anthology of textile documents, items acquired during her travels and images she's captured behind her camera. It's no surprise that Charlotte never goes anywhere without a camera or scissors. Collage boards and schemes, as well as the original inspiration pieces helped form the crisp, fresh and comfortable color palette.

Adding to Charlotte's vision and attention to detail for this collection, each pattern name has its own story. Fabrics are named in honor of her muses - women travelers and explorers who pushed boundaries in many ways. Charlotte explains, "you knew what these women stood for, they had a mission, and as a result, left us legacies that inspire. They are like guiding lights."

Charlotte Moss for Fabricut is brimming with alluring wovens, divine prints and stunning trimmings in crisp, refreshing colorways for the "transitional traditionalist." Because as Charlotte adds, "we evolve...and design must evolve with us."

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